Monday, February 2, 2009

To be sick or not be sick

Hello dears,

I know this is my fashion blog and I haven't been updating as often as I should be but I've been either terribly busy or just not around a computer. Well, last night's case was that I just didn't feel like writing but now I'm back! :) I am in the mood to write because I have a couple of things on my mind and they don't all pertain to fashion, so bear with me.

My first issue reappeared because I read an article. This article was about being sick and going to work. I do not remember where the article I read was or who wrote it or anything so I won't quote anything from it but I will just say it's exactly what I've been thinking for years. In my opinion, when I'm feeling under the weather, have a headache, not feeling quite right, I should be able to call in sick and not get the guilt trip or a co-workers nasty attitude. I've been sick my fair share of times and everytime I feel overwhelming guilt that my co-workers won't believe me or make me feel guilty for calling in. I understand when someone is out sick, it puts a little strain on other workers because they have to either do the sick co-workers job or pick up the slack for them not being there. But honestly, I'd rather my co-workers stay the freak away from me when they are sick. I am lucky I'm by myself up front in the lobby so I don't really have to worry about sharing germs with people plus I got my Lysol spray just in case. So, I don't mind when a co-worker calls in sick because I'd rather not get what they have. But soooo many people are coming to work even when they are sick for numerous reasons. One being because they feel guilty for staying home when they know their co-workers will have to work extra hard that day. So many people come in anyways.

I've had a couple of negative encounters when calling in sick because managers either don't believe you or they are upset they have to work twice as hard while you're out. I've been fired for calling in sick on a day when the company was to have a meeting. Apparently, it was such an important meeting that my health didn't matter. Bull crap. I don't agree with this and I'm glad they fired me. My point being, more and more companies are not caring so much about others' health that it's having an affect on the other employees. If one person is sick and the manager/boss won't let them stay home, claiming they NEED them so bad today that they come to work sick therefore spreading their sickness to other employees prompting more and more employees being sick and calling in. My question is, would a manager rather have one person out sick for a couple of days or 10 of their employees out at the same time because they got sick from the ONE sick person who couldn't stay home? I mean really? It's happened to me plenty of times. When I used to work at a day care, I would get sick all the time from the children. If your kid is sick, keep them home! I mean it seems to me like people don't care that their child is sick and they don't care that they could possibly get other children sick, not to mention the caretakers. I mean I was sick almost every month and my managers would get furious if I called in because they were understaffed. . . excuse me but how is that my problem? I'm sick with a fever, body aches and sore throat and they practically told me I had to come in or else. Or else what? You'll fire me and then you'll be even more understaffed? Needless to say, I stayed home. I had a fever and a sore throat, that could mean death for some children if they caught it, not to mention I was working with infants at the time and was always very close to them because of feeding and diaper changing. It baffles me and to this day if I am sick, I ain't coming in. I also don't perform as well when I'm sick, I make more mistakes than usual :) and have no energy. I just think it's ridiculous and I hate the flack you get for calling in sick. I was just glad to see this article whose point was to stay home if you're sick, you're better off. And if the company fires you, they didn't care about you anyways.

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