Sunday, March 28, 2010

Ay mami!

I may be late on this but MNGO for Penelope Cruz is amazing and she's gorgoeus as always. I want every piece she's wearing!


Friday, March 26, 2010

A hole in the wall

Liberty of London for Target. Love it or hate it? I am in between, while some like the one piece swimmy and the flower halter are adorable, some of the items up for sale are a little bit lack luster. If you go to a Target store and see an area full of cups, or bowls, or clothes and purses or yes, even gardening tools in flower prints, say hello to Liberty of London. Ha, what I am saying is while some things are very cute, some go overboard. I was a little surprised that Liberty of London had their hands in every department in Target. Dresses, purses, desk accessories, cups, bowls, plates, bedding, etc in the same flower print. . . kinda annoying. :) But, I did fall victim to their clothes so I can't talk too much! Enjoying this BEAUTIFUL weather and taking some pictures outside today! Enjoy!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


If you get a chance to see The Runaways.....GO!

Sunday, March 14, 2010


Is it summer yet??? I haven't posted in ages! Sorry about that. I've been so busy with school and work and personal things that this sometimes get put on the back burner. . . WELL NO MORE! I forgot how theraputic writing can be. Ah, so much has happened. Well, first it's finally getting warmer and I couldn't be more excited. Second, it's Spring Break now :P so no late nights at school for a week! I'm not doing anything of course, saving money to visit England in the summer, which I just purchased my ticket for and I don't think I've ever spent soooo much money on one item except for when I bought a car! But it will be worth it. Third, work is picking up, very busy time, had to hire on more peeps! :) Fourth, I think I spend more money on hangers for all the clothes I buy than on gas! Ha, jk but seriously every time I do laundry, I need more hangers.... and I tried just not hanging up my clothes but that ended up with me sleeping on the couch as my clothes took over my bed. So, my point is I finally hung up all my clothes well most, I need more hangers. Fifth, went to the Shirin Askari Fashion Debut! My first fashion show and I loved it! Shirin is soooo talented and her collection blew me away. Very proud of my fellow former UNT peer. Sixth, I have been taking 2D design and have so far done 4 projects, 2 of which got put on display at my school. :) I guess I am talented. Ha. Phew, anything else? Not that I can remember right now. I finally took some pix of new summer clothes I bought, I'm hoping the sun will see my impatience and stay out more often. The trends I found were maxi dresses, polka dots EVERYWHERE and jumpers! I love love love jumpers! So, below are some pix of my Victoria's Secret swimsuit and my Target jumper, flower maxi dress and sun hat! Enjoi!