Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Fuck you very very much

If you haven't already, go get Lily Allen's new CD "It's not me, it's you" So good! And if you need proof, take a listen to "The Fear" from the album, it's the new single. I know she's a bad mouth scrappy English girl but she's an amazing songwriter. If you really take a listen to the lyrics, you can tell she's got the talent. She isn't afraid to tell the truth or call you out, not like some of these other artists who claim they don't give a shit and say what they want (ahemPINKahem). Lily Allen is the real deal!

Anyways, got some more collages to show! I am addicted to Polyvore. Sorry they are small but you gotta do what you gotta do. Enjoy!


Monday, February 16, 2009


I have found it! The coolest site for fashionistas, artists and creative people alike. is the greatest website ever. I can create fashion collages with articles of clothing, accessories, bags, shoes and more. Below are a couple of examples of collages I've made and it really brings out your creativity especially since I don't know how to draw! I'm in love. It's gotten all sorts of juices flowing within me right now (not those juices, dirty birdies.). So expect TONS of collages on my blog now and hopefully some of them will inspire you with your wardrobe or just in life. LOVE! Xx


pInK - by ShanetteCarmen on


edie - by ShanetteCarmen on


marie - by ShanetteCarmen on


rolla - by ShanetteCarmen on

Friday, February 13, 2009

My dreams are coming true!

Ok, so now that I'm off work I can write more about this. According to, Alexander McQueen will be designing a line for Target called McQ. I'm sooooo excited. Alexander McQueen is an amazing designer and loved by all celebrities, including the always fashionable Kate Moss. Anyways, they have a list of some of the things he will be selling and they are very reasonably priced. Unlike Vera Wang for Kohl's ($200 for a dress, Vera? Really? That's why we are shopping at Kohl's, we don't have that kind of money.) Back to the point, his clothes are a little above average Target pricing but nothing on that list was over $100. There is a dress for $70 which is GORGEOUS among other things. Needless to say, I am more than excited for this line. Didn't catch when it's coming out but I shop at Target all the time so I'm sure I'll see it. Below are a few pictures of Alexander McQueen for those who are a little lost.

Magnificent purse, Angelina Jolie has one just like it.

Models modeling McQueen.

The man of the hour.

With the great Kate Moss.

Next on the agenda, I got the Mary Kate & Ashley book Influence. Haven't read it just yet, been browsing the pictures but it seems like winner. It's basically interviews with designers that have influenced the twins in their own fashionable lives. I'm very excited to read it, I'll give a review when I'm done, yes?

Well, I'll probably be back tomorrow so have a good night kiddos.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


So I read part of an interview with Mary Kate Olsen today. I know alot of people only think of the Olsen twins as Michelle from Full House but they have become quite the little business women and they are only 22 years old. It was really interesting to read what Mark Kate had to say about Full House, fashion, Ashley and the media. I really admire the Olsen twins for their fashion braveness. They try out things that I would never think of and they pull them off. Why? Because they are the Olsen twins. Plus, they have their own lines and if you read the interview (which you should) they are creating a line for men as well. It's funny to think just two decades ago they were little babies in a crib saying "You got it dude." on TV and now they are amazing, talented women. I have a few pictures below of the Olsen twins and the link to the interview with Mary Kate. Enjoy.



I want to start off by saying I am at a very contemplative state right now. All I do is think. It has always been my downfall, when I think too much, shit starts hitting the fan. But this time it's different. I have a very big hole in my heart right now and the only person who can fill it is me. I'm constantly thinking about my future. I want to set it up so that it is perfect or near perfect. I hate not knowing what's going to happen. It kills me. So I've been reading a book (The Secret) . . . The book says I have to trust in the universe that everything will work out. I have to put out to the universe what I truly want and hope that it returns that to me. In other words, I have to put out there what I want and the universe will give me back what I want. Kinda like that quote, "You get back what you put out." Sounds easy, yes? As in the words of Borat, "The sweater is NOT gray." or something like that. Haha, if you didn't get it, my point is it isn't easy. It's extremely hard, especially when you are so sad. But, if I continue to be sad and pity myself and say "Why me?" then all I will get back is more pitiful situations and more grief. So how does one go about starting this way of thinking? Let me just tell you, it's kinda crazy. I got this book, read it and it didn't really strike me so passionately as it does now. Why? Because I had everything I wanted pretty much. A good job, I was going back to school, a great boyfriend, fabulous friends, wonderful family, what more did I want? So, I didn't take the book as serious but I also didn't appreciate what I had. I kinda tested the waters, it didn't really come through for me so I threw out what I learned. But now is a different story and that's kinda my point. This book is only truth-bringing when you really really need it. Which is selfish and the book tells you this from the get-go. So, now I'm reading this book again from a different perspective. I've got new glasses on and new experiences. This book is very helpful BUT you have to ALWAYS be grateful. Don't take this book for granted after you have what you want because like I did when I first got this book, it turns your life into a whirlwind. Not saying this book has magic powers and turns your life into a living hell if you disobey anything it teaches but once you understand what this book is about, if you stop believing or practicing what it teaches, you find your life crashing down all around you. It's the law of the universe. Sounds crazy and sounds witchy (if that's a word) but it's true. So although you just lost your job or your car or a loved one, it's not the end of the world and you should look around you see what you can be grateful for. The book also tells you to envision a good day. Envision something happening the way you want it and really FEEL that it is happening and that it is going to happen. Basically, you have to act like what you want is already in the palm of your hands or in your life. No negative thoughts here folks. Which is hard in a world like we live in today. But isn't impossible. So think about the feeling you get when you get a new job or car. Envision actually receiving it and the feeling that you feel. Feel it. It's a strange concept and I am learning everyday that life is a big journey. Journey to what? I don't know. But it's a journey nonetheless that we must all take and where it leads us, we don't know. We can only make the best of it while we are alive. Which I've learned is the number one thing to be grateful for even if your life isn't as great as you'd like. It's actually just being alive and have the opportunity to embark on your journey that you should be grateful for. It's never too late. It really never is. I'm so young. I was getting upset and negative because I feel I'm ready to meet the person I'm going to be with for the rest of my life. I'm ready to invest my whole self into someone who is in it for the long haul. Someone who completes me and I complete them. And I had a taste of that with Billy. I was ready for the life I wanted to build with someone and I thought that time was now and Billy was the one. I had a rude awakening. And not that Billy isn't the one or now is not the time but I have to just put out there what I want and let it come but while I wait just be happy. Don't dwell on stuff. Especially negative stuff. In a sense, it's a weight lifted off my shoulders knowing that oneday I will have what I want and deserve. In the meantime, be grateful for what I do have like a loving, incredible family and great, caring friends. The main point is to believe. Believe and you shall receive. Haha, that's my new motto. :)


p.s. Sorry, the next post will be about fashion I swear!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Growing up. . .

What a learning experience the past week has been. I can only be grateful for it all but sad at the same time. Anyways, I ordered some more film for my Mio camera and can't wait to start taking more pictures. I have already taken some pictures with it and I love polariods. They are so inspiring to me, they often make me feel like the pictures have more depth than regular digital pictures. It captures a moment and presents it in a way that makes me happy. I do want another digital camera and this time possibly a Nikon if I can afford it. I'm not the best photographer in the world but I love taking pictures and I don't really care if they are good are not, as long as they speak to me and help me remember a moment in time, I'm more than happy. Also, I ordered a couple of things from Etsy! My new favorite place to find cool stuff because it's all either handmade or second hand AKA VINTAGE! Haha, I love vintage anything. So, I bought a really pretty tea set that a woman bought to match her grandmother's tea set but it turned out not to match so she's selling it. It's beautiful. I've always wanted a tea set even when I didn't drink tea but now that I do drink tea and know how to make tea (Thanks Billy), I can't wait till it comes in. Then I bought a vintage boudoir vanity set. It's basically a silver vintage handheld mirror, a vintage brush & comb. Not that I'm going to use the brush or comb but it's going to look adorable on my dresser. Anyways, below are some inspiring pictures I found. Enjoy!


Beautiful Lauren Hutton

Jane Birkin and her husband.

Jane Birkin's daughter, Lou Doillon.

Lauren Hutton


When you love someone so deep that they become your life, it's easy to succumb to overwhelming fears inside. Blindly I imagined I could keep you under glass, now I understand to hold you I must open up my hands and watch you rise. Spread your wings and prepare to fly for you have become a butterfly. Fly abandonedly into the sun. If you should return to me, we truly were meant to be. So spread your wings and fly butterfly. I have learned that beauty has to flourish in the light. Wild horses run unbridled or their spirit dies. You have given me the courage to be all that I can. And I truly feel your heart will lead you back to me when you're ready to land. I can't pretend these tears aren't overflowing steadily. I can't prevent this hurt from almost overtaking me. But I will stand and say goodbye for you'll never be mine until you know the way it feels to fly. Spread your wings and prepare to fly for you have become a butterfly. Fly abandonedly into the sun. If you should return to me, we truly were meant to be. So spread your wings and fly. . . butterfly.

Xx Iloveyou Xx

Monday, February 9, 2009

And then my world came crashing down. . .

I have to write this in order to move on. My boyfriend of a year and I decided to go our seperate ways. He has decided he wants to finish college in England and that would mean he would move there by the Fall semester. He has applied to 6 different schools and will be for sure getting into one of them. He said it's always been a dream of his. Although I think it's not a good idea, who am I to stop him? I wish I was more than I am. But, life happens and we can't always live in a perfect, happy world. It was nice though. :) I just have to focus on me now, I tend to revolve my world around the guy I'm with at the moment and that's not fair to me. Obviously, because now I'm alone again and am lost. So, to find myself, I have to be a selfish person and think only of myself from now on. I'm not looking for a relationship but when I'm ready I know what kind of man I want and need. My standards are drastically higher now because of him and that's a good thing. Plus, now I'm alot more music savvy because of him and I will be a much more outgoing person because of him. I owe him alot and I hope he finds what he is looking for. I love you, Billy. Always and forever.


I am excited to say that I was a stylist for the first time to someone who asked for help! I have always gone shopping with friends but none of them ever asked me to help them find an outfit or put together a look. Last weekend was the first time I got asked and succeeded in finding two outfits for a friend who pulled them off with confidence. My friend asked me to help her shop for two outfits, she had just gotten her hair cut and colored and she was feeling like a new woman so I said 'OF COURSE!'. Shopping is what I'm best, well it's not the only thing I'm best at ;) but that's probably the number one thing I'm best at. So of we went in search of a new style. Now, I'm not a brand name shopper. Although I like a name brand every once in a while, preferably in purses because name brands usually last longer. I just don't get paying $200 for a shirt or a skirt that you can get at Target or Ross that looks exactly the same that costs way less. My point is, we didn't shop at a high end shop. We went to Forever 21, Wet Seal, etc. And we had a blast! It was so much fun giving advice and putting together outfits and having my 'client' (teehee) try them on and see how they looked and felt. I truly think I found my calling with this whole fashion thing. I get a high that I don't get with anything else, besides love, but that's a different high. This is a high that's mine! I don't have to share it with anyone although having that high makes me share my passion and therefore I'm doing both without even knowing it or caring. So stylist for a day was amazing! Can't wait to do it again!

I also wanted to write something I'd been thinking about. I asked myself the other day, why? Why do I like fashion and clothes so much? Why do I love looking through magazines and websites filled with fashion. It seems materialistic but I disagree. Alot of people think that being fashionable or stylish means you're dumb or only care about looks. Not true, my loves. For me, fashion is about expressing myself. I am a quiet person by nature. I don't talk alot, I'm not out-going. So clothes and accessories and shoes all express who I am. Which is why I resent people when they say fashion is stupid or doesn't matter. But it does. Whether we like to think so or not, everyone judges everyone on the way they look, at first. As soon as you walk into a room, people look at you and judge. It's natural but fashion can help with that. So, don't knock it until you try it and then get back to me. :)

Monday, February 2, 2009

Happy Happy Joy Joy

What is your idea of a “perfect day?” Sleeping in until 10am with my sugar booger, then some breakfast made by sugar booger, then some shopping, then some reading, then some eating, then some more reading, then some getting ready to go out and then some having fun!

Do you have any favorite television shows? Tons, I watch Family Guy probably once a day and I love The Office. Arrested Development is hilarious, Will & Grace is my all time favorite and then I would have to say America's Next Top Model when I can catch it.

What’s your favorite place in the whole world? My room at my parents house.

You at 35: Hopefully married with a kid and a career.

What do you miss most about being at home? Couches!

Do you enjoy board games? What kind? Scattergories! My new fav.

What made you decide to cut your hair short? It's been short since I was 12 and although at times I envy long maned women, I wouldn't change it for the world. I love my short hair, it's definitely part of who I am.

What is your favorite article of clothing? American Apparel shirts, I have 3 now and adding more. They are soooo soft and comfortable and they go with everything and come in cool colors.

Would you ever try to create clothes? (Or maybe you have already!) I have tried but I'm not very good or patient.

How do you manage your wardrobe & your budget? I never spend more than $30 on anything. Shoes, shirts, skirts, dresses, pants, underwear, socks. Everything has to be under $30 or I won't buy it, I wait for it to go on sale.

What are the items you just have to splurge on? Purses.

When did you step out of your fashion box and become comfortable with your style? Honestly, just recently. I've always been in love with fashion but never like this. I don't know what happened but something in my head clicked. I think when I was younger I had this fashion craze inside me I was just too afraid to try it or do anything about it. Now I could care less if what I wear is not what someone would call fashionable. I wear it because I think it looks good and I'm comfortable in it. So I would say not until this past year or two.

If you were to write your own autobiography what would this chapter be called and why? It would probably be called "Moving on up", I'm getting things on track and I'm happy.

To be sick or not be sick

Hello dears,

I know this is my fashion blog and I haven't been updating as often as I should be but I've been either terribly busy or just not around a computer. Well, last night's case was that I just didn't feel like writing but now I'm back! :) I am in the mood to write because I have a couple of things on my mind and they don't all pertain to fashion, so bear with me.

My first issue reappeared because I read an article. This article was about being sick and going to work. I do not remember where the article I read was or who wrote it or anything so I won't quote anything from it but I will just say it's exactly what I've been thinking for years. In my opinion, when I'm feeling under the weather, have a headache, not feeling quite right, I should be able to call in sick and not get the guilt trip or a co-workers nasty attitude. I've been sick my fair share of times and everytime I feel overwhelming guilt that my co-workers won't believe me or make me feel guilty for calling in. I understand when someone is out sick, it puts a little strain on other workers because they have to either do the sick co-workers job or pick up the slack for them not being there. But honestly, I'd rather my co-workers stay the freak away from me when they are sick. I am lucky I'm by myself up front in the lobby so I don't really have to worry about sharing germs with people plus I got my Lysol spray just in case. So, I don't mind when a co-worker calls in sick because I'd rather not get what they have. But soooo many people are coming to work even when they are sick for numerous reasons. One being because they feel guilty for staying home when they know their co-workers will have to work extra hard that day. So many people come in anyways.

I've had a couple of negative encounters when calling in sick because managers either don't believe you or they are upset they have to work twice as hard while you're out. I've been fired for calling in sick on a day when the company was to have a meeting. Apparently, it was such an important meeting that my health didn't matter. Bull crap. I don't agree with this and I'm glad they fired me. My point being, more and more companies are not caring so much about others' health that it's having an affect on the other employees. If one person is sick and the manager/boss won't let them stay home, claiming they NEED them so bad today that they come to work sick therefore spreading their sickness to other employees prompting more and more employees being sick and calling in. My question is, would a manager rather have one person out sick for a couple of days or 10 of their employees out at the same time because they got sick from the ONE sick person who couldn't stay home? I mean really? It's happened to me plenty of times. When I used to work at a day care, I would get sick all the time from the children. If your kid is sick, keep them home! I mean it seems to me like people don't care that their child is sick and they don't care that they could possibly get other children sick, not to mention the caretakers. I mean I was sick almost every month and my managers would get furious if I called in because they were understaffed. . . excuse me but how is that my problem? I'm sick with a fever, body aches and sore throat and they practically told me I had to come in or else. Or else what? You'll fire me and then you'll be even more understaffed? Needless to say, I stayed home. I had a fever and a sore throat, that could mean death for some children if they caught it, not to mention I was working with infants at the time and was always very close to them because of feeding and diaper changing. It baffles me and to this day if I am sick, I ain't coming in. I also don't perform as well when I'm sick, I make more mistakes than usual :) and have no energy. I just think it's ridiculous and I hate the flack you get for calling in sick. I was just glad to see this article whose point was to stay home if you're sick, you're better off. And if the company fires you, they didn't care about you anyways.