Monday, February 9, 2009

And then my world came crashing down. . .

I have to write this in order to move on. My boyfriend of a year and I decided to go our seperate ways. He has decided he wants to finish college in England and that would mean he would move there by the Fall semester. He has applied to 6 different schools and will be for sure getting into one of them. He said it's always been a dream of his. Although I think it's not a good idea, who am I to stop him? I wish I was more than I am. But, life happens and we can't always live in a perfect, happy world. It was nice though. :) I just have to focus on me now, I tend to revolve my world around the guy I'm with at the moment and that's not fair to me. Obviously, because now I'm alone again and am lost. So, to find myself, I have to be a selfish person and think only of myself from now on. I'm not looking for a relationship but when I'm ready I know what kind of man I want and need. My standards are drastically higher now because of him and that's a good thing. Plus, now I'm alot more music savvy because of him and I will be a much more outgoing person because of him. I owe him alot and I hope he finds what he is looking for. I love you, Billy. Always and forever.

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  1. I'm sorry love, just now catching up on all your blogs. Things will work out, especially if it's meant to be.


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