Thursday, February 12, 2009


So I read part of an interview with Mary Kate Olsen today. I know alot of people only think of the Olsen twins as Michelle from Full House but they have become quite the little business women and they are only 22 years old. It was really interesting to read what Mark Kate had to say about Full House, fashion, Ashley and the media. I really admire the Olsen twins for their fashion braveness. They try out things that I would never think of and they pull them off. Why? Because they are the Olsen twins. Plus, they have their own lines and if you read the interview (which you should) they are creating a line for men as well. It's funny to think just two decades ago they were little babies in a crib saying "You got it dude." on TV and now they are amazing, talented women. I have a few pictures below of the Olsen twins and the link to the interview with Mary Kate. Enjoy.


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