Friday, February 13, 2009

My dreams are coming true!

Ok, so now that I'm off work I can write more about this. According to, Alexander McQueen will be designing a line for Target called McQ. I'm sooooo excited. Alexander McQueen is an amazing designer and loved by all celebrities, including the always fashionable Kate Moss. Anyways, they have a list of some of the things he will be selling and they are very reasonably priced. Unlike Vera Wang for Kohl's ($200 for a dress, Vera? Really? That's why we are shopping at Kohl's, we don't have that kind of money.) Back to the point, his clothes are a little above average Target pricing but nothing on that list was over $100. There is a dress for $70 which is GORGEOUS among other things. Needless to say, I am more than excited for this line. Didn't catch when it's coming out but I shop at Target all the time so I'm sure I'll see it. Below are a few pictures of Alexander McQueen for those who are a little lost.

Magnificent purse, Angelina Jolie has one just like it.

Models modeling McQueen.

The man of the hour.

With the great Kate Moss.

Next on the agenda, I got the Mary Kate & Ashley book Influence. Haven't read it just yet, been browsing the pictures but it seems like winner. It's basically interviews with designers that have influenced the twins in their own fashionable lives. I'm very excited to read it, I'll give a review when I'm done, yes?

Well, I'll probably be back tomorrow so have a good night kiddos.

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