Sunday, January 25, 2009

Antique-ing it

What a way to spend a Saturday afternoon. Going to the antique store. I could spend HOURS in an antique store. I love love love it. So, I suggested yesterday, since it was basically freezing outside, that we go to the antique store to spend some time. My fellow antique-enthusiasts were my favorite boys, my brother and my boyfriend. Yea, I was surprised too. I was going to an antique store with two boys! Haha, nonetheless, we had fun. I took some pictures of course and found some really cool treasures. Take a look:

My bro looking at kitchen stuff.

My baby pretending to read hehe

A shelf full of old books and me again in the mirror haha.

LIFE magazines

Haha, yes that is a signed picture of Gary Busey.

A cute little guy I took home, had old undeveloped film in it. Will take it to a specialty store and see if I can get it developed. :)

A vintage stove.


Lucky Cat.

A beautiful vintage vanity set.

I didn't notice it before but I think that's a Pee Wee Herman doll up to the right.
My baby looking at antiques!

A little treasure I took home, a Doris Day bag.

A beautiful dresser/vanity and me in the mirror, haha!

This is what the tag on the dresser/vanity said.
& that's the extent of the pictures although we were there forever and saw many more things. I just get overwhelmed when I go to antique stores. So many things to look at and you want to look at everything so you don't miss any little treasures that could be hiding. Anyways, I spend $15 for the two lovely items I purchased and can't wait til next paycheck to go back and get more. :)
Have a nice Sunday!


  1. I love the teacups! Have you found a way to blog from the iPhone? I tried but for some reason couldn't figure it out! Anyways, I deleted my myspace and facebook, so you'll have to message me back on here. ;)

  2. Why did you delete facebook and myspace?? Oh well. . . :) No I haven't found a way to blog from my iPhone but if I do I'll let you know and if you find out let me know! :)


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