Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Growing up. . .

What a learning experience the past week has been. I can only be grateful for it all but sad at the same time. Anyways, I ordered some more film for my Mio camera and can't wait to start taking more pictures. I have already taken some pictures with it and I love polariods. They are so inspiring to me, they often make me feel like the pictures have more depth than regular digital pictures. It captures a moment and presents it in a way that makes me happy. I do want another digital camera and this time possibly a Nikon if I can afford it. I'm not the best photographer in the world but I love taking pictures and I don't really care if they are good are not, as long as they speak to me and help me remember a moment in time, I'm more than happy. Also, I ordered a couple of things from Etsy! My new favorite place to find cool stuff because it's all either handmade or second hand AKA VINTAGE! Haha, I love vintage anything. So, I bought a really pretty tea set that a woman bought to match her grandmother's tea set but it turned out not to match so she's selling it. It's beautiful. I've always wanted a tea set even when I didn't drink tea but now that I do drink tea and know how to make tea (Thanks Billy), I can't wait till it comes in. Then I bought a vintage boudoir vanity set. It's basically a silver vintage handheld mirror, a vintage brush & comb. Not that I'm going to use the brush or comb but it's going to look adorable on my dresser. Anyways, below are some inspiring pictures I found. Enjoy!


Beautiful Lauren Hutton

Jane Birkin and her husband.

Jane Birkin's daughter, Lou Doillon.

Lauren Hutton

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