Thursday, December 2, 2010

Love, Shanette: Hope

Now it's hopes turn.
I found you. I never really lost you but I'm pretty sure I misplaced you. Made you feel unwelcome. I apoligze for that because you see hope, you are what keeps people going that extra mile, one more day or even that last minute. You run away so fast when we are hurt or beaten down. But please, don't be afraid of me. I know when I'm hurt and angry, you get scared and feel as though I don't want you anymore. But that's your time to shine. It's your turn to prove how big and powerful you are. You make the world go round, if you haven't noticed. You make people rise up when they'd otherwise fall and stay down. You're everywhere, hope. In nature, in love, in a childs' eye. You come out of the darkness at times, you shine so bright. Sometimes, we don't even know you're there. And I need you more than ever, I need you more than air right now. Because honestly, hope, without you my second chance is in vain. You make poeople work harder and dream bigger. So, don't shy away when it gets dark. Shine brighter please, so we can see you.
I've found you hope and I need you to stay around for a while. A long while. There's always a big place for you in my life, just know that you are always welcome. In every circumstance, even if it looks like I've got things under control. I still need you for support and reassurance. To make sure my knees don't buckle and my voice doesn't tremble. I know you've been there for me in the past, that's why I'm still here. Life can be such a drag. And I know you'll be there for me again. Just don't disappear from sight and leave me wondering when you'll show, if you'll show. Because wondering and waiting is the hardest part. These words are flowing out of me faster than I can write, that's how strongly I feel about you. I know you know all this already, I just feel as if writing it down helps me. You are what's keeping me from breaking. Us humans have very flexible hearts. But sometimes, when you leave, our hearts get cold and brittle. And all too often they break and take us down with them. I'm tired of people losing you and breaking. It kills me because I know how that feels. To not want to go on because you are gone. Poets write poems about you, singers write songs about you and everyone tries to analyze you. It all comes down to the simple fact, hope, that everyone needs you. So go out there and show yourself. Show yourself to those who are hurting and who are in the dark and show them the way out. Take their hand just like you've taken mine and save them.

Love, Shanette

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