Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The time has come, the walrus said.

Dear strong woman,

The time has come. To lay down your armor and sword. You can't fight this battle anymore. You bled your heart out for this fight. You thought it was worth it at the time. Now it's time to pick up the pieces and move on. The battle is over and you lost. But you didn't lose everything. You still have love in your heart. You still have family and friends who adore you and all the love in the world to give someone someday. You will not say anything bad or anything good about this battle. It was hard and you fought until you almost died. You fought so hard, it cost you a lot of things. But you will emerge now with your head held high because you know you did what you could. You didn't want to give up. It wasn't your choice but you can’t go on fighting a battle that your partner has checked out of. You were fighting time and it got too much. You're stubborn so you didn't give up so easily but you can't fight a battle alone and you're no Wonder Woman. This is also a good time too because this is when you find out who is really there for you. Who is really on your side. For some people it will be hard to take a side and you have to understand and don't hold it against them. You're not going to be bitter and not going to go out of your way to make things more difficult for anyone. It's time for you to fight your own battles by yourself. You've got a lot of things to do and this was a lesson learned. A hard lesson. One you shouldn't forget because you don't want to feel this way again. It's hard to go into the future when it seems dark and you've got no more ammunition. You can't fight right now if you wanted to. Now it's time to get on your ship and sail away. It will be hard to navigate alone at first but you'll get the hang of it. And then someone will come along when they are ready and jump on board with you so you can sail off into the sunset What is life with no one to share it with? So go off into the sunset alone and those who matter will follow and catch up eventually.

Vaya Con Dios. X

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