Thursday, December 16, 2010

Vanity Fair Mock Interview

I have been reading Vanity Fair lately and never realized how many great interviews they had and great articles as well. Not to mention all the fashion! Well, I thought it would be cool to answer some of their questions too, as if I were a famous somebody. Of course, they have more in depth questions in the interviews but some might be a bit personal for me to share. :) Fun times commence!


-Holiday: Anywhere with a beach.

- Mode of Transport: Plane, you get to where you're going faster.

- Wardrobe: Chanel

- Home: A 1900's restored house.

- Live to see: A woman president.

- Medical Cures: AIDS and cancer.

- Collection: All things Hello Kitty

- Gadget: Time Machine.

- Concert: Christina Aguilera

- Dinner party: OMG, where do I start? God, Oprah, Selena, Coco Chanel, Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Andy Warhol, Michael Kors, Johnny Depp, Mondo, Lady Gaga, Sandra Bullock, Christina Aguilera, Karl Lagerfeld, Cher, Whitney Houston, George Clooney, Betty White, and soooo many more.

- Meal: Anything my mom makes.

- Possession: Superhuman Powers.

- Conversation: Oprah.

- Color Palette: Jewel Tones.

- To live: Paris.

- Car: 1970's Mercedes.

- Partner for an adventure: My brother.

- Muse: It's a tie, Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn.

- Closet- Mary Kate and Ashleys'.

Now some deeper questions:

- What is perfect happiness to you? Being with my family.

- Greatest fear? Being rejected.

- Historical figure you identify with: Marie Antoinette.

- Living person you admire: My parents.

- Trait you deplore in others: Ignorance.

-Trait you deplore in yourself: Impatience.

- Favorite Journey: To England.

- Most overrated virtue: Excellence.

- When and where are you happiest: In nature or with family.

- Most overused word or phrase: I have alot. "Lord" being one of them. "Well", "Ok?!" and "I know right?". Haha.

- Greatest love of your life: Fashion.

- Talent you want: To cook.

- Greatest Achievement: So far, just living.

- Treasure possession: Family.

- Favorite Occupation: Student. Love learning.

- Value in friends: Loyalty.

- How would you like to die: Eww, morbid. I would like to die happily.

- What would you like to come back as, if you had a choice?: A man.

- Motto?: Everything happens for a reason.

- Greatest Extravagance: Clothes.

- Greatest regret: Not being brave enough.

- Quality you admire most in a woman: Strength.

-Quality you admire most in a man: Tenderness.

- Favorite writer?: Not really a writer but poet; Sylvia Plath.

- Dislike most?: Intolerance.


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