Monday, January 19, 2009

Non, je ne regrette rien

So, I'm home! & I just finished taking some pictures to add to my blog because I'm officially addicted. Eeek! Haha, I just took some random pictures, they will get better I promise. I'm been reduced to using my iPhone camera because I broke my Kodak camera (RIP). That being said, they aren't the best quality and they are a little blurry because it's hard pressing the button on the freakin HUGE screen on the phone. My hands are little! They barely fit around the phone. Meanwhile, I'm not sure why the pictures are so massive but I decided after trying to shrink them that I just make them look worse so massive they will stay. Ok well, lets take a look:
These are a few of my favorite things! Haha, a couple of shoes. Got all them at Target at one point in my life.
My red wayfarer glasses! Well actually they were my brothers' but he decided they were too red for him so I took them in.

This is the dresser. My jewelry, my Hello Kitty stuff and pictures.

What I wore to work today! It was a lil chilly. [Jacket: Ross, leggings: Target, boots: Target]

Without the jacket! [Shirt: American Apparel]

My Christmas presents, Hello Kitty Lamp and Alarm Clock!

My mannequin, covered in stuff.

The floor of my closet.

AHH! My messy closet. You love it.

My Michael Kors shoes!!!!

My mom's old scarf turned into a headband.

My fake Balenciaga purse. [Buffalo Exchange]

Me in my trendy wayfarers!

My hat hair.

Kissing is my favorite. This picture is adorable.

Lula, I want this mag so bad! But at $54 a year and only 2 issues a year, I'm not sure.

This cool piece at the Dallas Museum of Art, only picture I took because we weren't allowed to take pictures.

Isn't Zooey beautiful? And that girl she's with has the coolest hair ever!

Oneday I will have a room full of books like this one.

This little guy is mine.
Wow, this is quite exhausting. Like I said sorry the pictures are massive and sorry I don't have alot to write. I just like showing pictures :) - a tad boring. Well, this is all for today my pets. Tomorrow I might be MIA because of work and I start school tomorrow. . . Eeeeek! I'm excited and then it's off to the Flying Saucer for quiz night. Have a great night. XxXx


  1. HAHA! Between you and Mike I feel like Im obligated to blog. I dont think I will though...My life isnt interesting enough and it will eventually just become a blog of hot guys...

    BTW - There is an application (i think it costs money though) that turns your entire screen into a button. Its called iEasyCamera - it only costs 99 cents. Im sure there is a few other ones.

    Personally, I disagree about the quality of the pictures. I think it takes some of the best pictures Ive ever taken with a cellphone. All my other 3megapixel cameraphones sucked butt!

    Heres some examples:

    This one isnt bad considering it was taken at night thru dirty glass.

  2. I agree it takes better pictures than any other camera phone but I'm comparing it to a 8mp camera. I broke mine and have had to resort to my iPhone to take detailed pictures of things.

  3. well - thats true...its no 8mp. but the last digital camera i have was only a 4. so im happy with the iphone's camera. haha

  4. Haha, that makes sense then. I want a 10mp next. :)


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