Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Good Morning Loves

Well hello, this is my first time blogging on a site other than Myspace and it's kinda scary because I know that people other than just my friends will be reading it. :) So, the point of this blog is to get my creative juices flowing and blog about things I like and things that inspire me so that I can hopefully inspire others. I love reading, writing and fashion, which is what this blog will probably be most about. I love love love fashion but don't have the talent to design or create anything. :( I try. So this will be simply about giving inspiration to those who can. I also want to start a store on Etsy, which I signed up for today yet have nothing to sell. I need to get a move on that. Let's see, that's pretty much it, I eventually want to work for myself and no one else, thats the goal. Make and sell some amazing things and eventually be able to work from home. Anyways, I will leave it at that and see you guys tomorrow. . . Have a great day!

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