Friday, January 16, 2009

New Religion

So, my second post on here. What shall I talk about today? Well, I've been scouring other fashion blogs to see how this is supposed to go and I found some really cute blogs. My favorite is Apricot Tea because she's got all the clothes I have! It's awesome so I can see what different things I can do with my clothes because she posts what she wears, something I'm gonna start doing. Well, maybe I can tell you a little bit about me. I am 24 years old, living with the rents (it's temporary), I used to live in a house with my brother and two other guys and that SUCKED. Luckily, the landlord kicked us out - haha! He needed the house so we had to skedaddle. It was fun for a while then it got old. Well, now we are back home and loving it, home is where the heart is and it's so true about my parents' house. I love it here but NEED my own place so we are looking. Anyways, I love to sing, another passion I have besides fashion. I have a boyfriend of a year and he's amazing. I have definitely found what I was looking for and I couldn't be happier. Plus he's half English so he goes to England quite often (and always brings me some article of clothing or fashion magazine), it's quite convenient. - :) I have a dog, Dusty, you will see pictures of him on here sometimes. He's so funny. Let's see, I am back in school after a year and a half off to study History. I truly love learning about History, I'm obsessed with the past for some reason and I could watch the History Channel all day, everyday. Actually, that's what I did the majority of the time when my boyfriend went to England this past Christmas for TWO WEEKS! I love love love music almost as much as fashion and History (hehe) and it's also convenient that my boyfriend's roommate works at a music venue, we get in for free quite often. I've seen some amazing bands, I'm very lucky. I am Puerto Rican, 100%. My parents are both full Puerto Rican and so are their parents, though we don't look Puerto Rican. Alot of people tell me I look Persian or Italian, never Puerto Rican - haha. It's ok, it just means I look exotic, my favorite word. I have a weird obsession with Hello Kitty. I have toys, a lamp, desk supplies, DVD, photo album, stickers, earrings, necklaces, ornaments, key chains, figurines, a robe, an alarm clock and more stuff that's in storage at the moment. My boyfriend makes fun of me but I don't care. I love taking pictures, as most people, I wish I was better at it. Well, I guess that's alot for now. I will probably be MIA this weekend as I will be at my boyfriends all weekend and probably will be too busy to get on the computer. But I promise when I come back, it's on like donkey kong! Have a great weekend! XX

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