Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Out with the old, in with the new

I have to say, I think it's sad when people are actually working or doing something while our first African American president is being sworn in. You can't stop what you're doing for 15 minutes to watch history in the making? I'm talking about one incident in particular, my phone at work being blown up by a guy who can't wait for 15 minutes until Obama is done with his speech. No one in my office was at their desk, they were watching his speech and this guy had to speak with someone NOW! F*ck that. I kept transferring him, knowing that no one was going to be at their desk to take his call. History in the making, the speech that will be remembered forever, the moment that will be read by our great grandchildren in their history books, was on TV today. Take a moment, sit your a** down and listen and watch. Don't have a TV at your office? I bet you have internet. Don't have internet, the library down the street is broadcasting it. Every TV in Best Buy will have it on. The radio will broadcast it. Come on people!

Enough of that, what an amazing speech, eh? That man is an amazing orator and even more amazing person. His daughters are adorable and seem so well behaved and excited for their father. And his wife. . . she looked so proud. I was also so excited to see George W, Laura Bush, George Bush Sr., Barbara Bush, Bill & Hilary Clinton, The Bush daughters, Cheney in his wheelchair (oh) and so many more. Truly an exciting and amazing moment. And all the people that were there! My gosh, 2 million of them reported. Insane! I am just glad nothing dramatic happened. Everything ran smoothly and Obama gave an amazing speech and it's a new time for all of us. People at work joked about something happening but nothing did thank God and I think we made a great choice for our future.

I understand that many people (especially older people) don't think Obama will do this nation any good. Many of them comparing him to the devil or the anti-Christ. And I know some of those people. Old fashioned, skeptical people. My mother said back in November that the young people voted for Obama. She blamed the reason for me voting for Obama was because I was young. I bit my tongue. Who cares how old I am? Or how old "we" are? I voted for Obama because I wanted change. I voted for Obama because I was tired of the same old, same old. I voted for Obama because I believe in the American Dream and that anyone can do anything they set their mind to even with all the obstacles and adversity in their way. It's not because you think I'm young and naive.

Now, I'm going to be real candid. I was so upset that people actually booed George W. Bush at this Inaugural celebration. My 1st thought was, "WTF? It's his last day, give him a break!". My 2nd thought was actually a wish, I wished George W. would have just flipped everyone the bird. I would have! Geez, the things that man has gone through because of Americans. I admit, I laughed when Will Ferrell played him on SNL, I laughed when someone would make a 'George W. is stupid' joke, I laughed at it all. But that doesn't change the fact that he was the leader of our country. Actually, I think he represented us very well. Majority of Americans are average and make mistakes and say stupid shit. I'm including myself in this so you don't think I'm being pretentious. I'm average, I put my foot in my mouth sometimes, I have awkward moments, I don't always use the right words, I make rash decisions, etc. George W. to me is an American man. All American, born and raised in America, he loves this country. And when those terrorists came into OUR land and took OUR planes and crashed them into OUR buildings and killed OUR people, Bush said "Oh hell nah!". He was pissed, he was scared but most of all, the Papa Bear in him came out and he said "How fucking dare you!". Imagine, if you will, a man you didn't know, who hated you because of where you lived, came into your home and destroyed your house and killed your family with your own gun. How would you feel? What would you do? At that moment, would you have gone into that man's house and said "Hey guys, lets talk this out. What you did wasn't right."? Fuck no! You would have taken your shot gun or rifle or home made bomb or whatever and taken that guy out! You would have done to him what he did to you. Bush did that same thing. He was pissed off and he knew that trying to find Osama and trying to talk to him about it wasn't going to do shit, he knew that if we didn't show what we were made of, the terrorists were going to do it again. And did they? No. Why? Because Bush said "Not in my house.". So everyone got what they wanted, Bush is out, Obama is in, leave it alone already. I heard that there were protesters here in Texas protesting Bush's return. Come on people, seriously, the guy was born and raised here. He was probably here before you were even born. Get a life and go home. Let him alone now, he's not the first president to ever make a mistake.


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  1. So, if we ever make it to Tejas....I'm totally stealing your Hello Kitty Lamp. Love ya! ~Ruben


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