Saturday, April 4, 2009

More records than the KGB

Bonjour! I'm back after a while of being busy and gone. :) I took a bunch of pictures since last time and I actually took them all in one night. I went a lil camera crazy. Anywho, I also went vintage shopping today and got alot of really neat things but that's the next blog. I was just playing dress up because I purchased two really pretty pairs of shoes and they made me feel glamourous. . .

This is a picture of me in my English pashmina, my New Look belt and Target leggings. . . . sexy no?
And this is the front view. . . would make a great dress if it had a back haha!

And this a great top I purchased at Ross for $8!

My American Apparel 101 ways to wear scarf, haha, pretty cool.

Being silly.

And a peak at my new shoes.

TA DA!!!!!

My scarf from Korea, courtesy of my boyfriend. . .

My Urban Outfitters fedora!

A closeup on the scarf. . . it has OWLS on it!

The shoes! BCG girls from Ross.

Everybody should have a pair of these in their closet.

And these!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nine West from Ross.

Booties from Forever 21.

Left: Ross shoes. Right: Target


The camera loves them! Ha!
My Hello Kitty Piggy Bank!

My solar Hello Kitty toy from Korea, courtesy of my boyfriend!

Vintage inspired purse from Forever 21.

Shoes from Target.

My tea set from Etsy!

The best Audrey Tautou movie!
XX gotta get ready for games at a friends house! Ciao!

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