Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The great Edie's!

EEKK! Have you heard the word??? Grey Gardens is now a movie starring Drew Barrymore and Jessica Lange! For those who don't know what Grey Gardens is. . . .OMG let me tell you. Grey Gardens is a place where Jackie O's aunt and cousin lived in filth and squalor (? did I use that right?). Jackie's aunt AKA Big Edie was a beautiful young woman who had about 4 children, including Little Edie, but became a recluse after her husband left her for another woman. Big Edie begged Little Edie to stay with her in Grey Gardens despite the fact that Little Edie was trying to make it as a model in New York. Being the obedient daughter she is, Little Edie moved back home to be with her mother and stayed there for years and years until Big Edie died. The two lived in Grey Gardens as if it was a world of its own and it kind of was. They were there own celebrities in a house that was falling apart and filled with piles and piles of trash. The two never left Grey Gardens except for one time to attend a party when while they were gone their house was broken into and tons of family items and jewelry was stolen. After that night, Big Edie vowed to never leave the house again. If you haven't seen the documentary, please do. It's insanely unbelievable and at the same time devastatingly real. I stumbled upon it somehow and became obsessed ever since, which is why I am ecstatic about the movie coming out this saturday on HBO. Grey Gardens is also a musical, soon to be book and a fashion inspiration. I found a couple of pictures (I say a couple because I could have put alot of more pictures up) and AHH I just saw the trailer on tv right now! Haha, anyways. . . . oh yea pictures, so I have a few pictures of how designers have used Grey Gardens as inspiration for their creations, I have a few pictures of stills from the movie and a few of the real life Grey Garden stars. Enjoy and rent Grey Gardens (we got it from the library for free) and/or watch the movie Saturday on HBO.

Grey Gardens inspirations

Stills from the movie on HBO this Saturday

The real Edie Beales':
Little Edie
Big Edie

I am so excited, I actually turned down other things to do Saturday night just to watch this. Haha, lame I know but I can't help it. . . . :)

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