Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Gay Marriage

Wanted to write a post on the subject of gay marriage and I'm doing it from my phone in class :) let's see how this works. So I just heard the whole big deal about miss Cali saying she doesn't support gay marriage, which got me thinking.... and I kind of got on two different topics. First, Miss America, Teen USA, Miss USA and Miss Universe are such jokes now to me. I admit when I was younger I wanted to be Miss America, I wanted the crown and flowers and to be beautiful and I wanted all that for a while. Then you grow up and realize that Miss USA doesn't represent women in America anyways so why be a part of something that promotes only beautiful, stereo-typical, out-going, "smart" and cliche women? Not every woman in America is blonde and beautiful. I'm looking around my classroom now and seeing all kinds of women. Not just the fit and beautiful. So why is that the norm for Miss America. I don't know, but also in the past years, I've noticed that not all Miss America winners are bright or wholesome. Not too long ago, one of the Miss Universe winners or runner-ups, can't remember, was caught crossing the border with her boyfriend and car full of guns and drugs. . . . I laughed. Then Miss Nevada getting caught binge drinking or whatever. . . are you serious? Then Miss whoever she was, answering a question as if she was 5 years old and not making a bit of sense. . . US Americans? Really? I mean, Miss America pageants and all the other judging on beauty pageants are jokes. Miss America was something little girls looked up to and now its a big fat joke. I refuse to watch them and really don't even notice they are on half the time.

Which brings me to my next issue, Miss Cali saying she didn't support gay marriage. Alot of people probably say that its not fair to attack her because she was just being honest and she was saying how she felt. Well, judging from the past winners/runner-ups, she probably isn't that bright and doesn't realize that gay people are human beings too. It's not like a man marrying a man makes them monsters or animals. I don't understand the logic behind not supporting it. Miss Cali then proceeded to play the blame game saying that her family didn't raise her to believe in such things. Well, I'm sure her parents parents parents didn't believe black people should have rights and should be able to vote but you know what? It happened. Why? Because you progress as a nation. I bet her parents parents parents didn't think women would ever have the right to vote but you know what? It happened. Gay marriage is going to happen whether people like it or not. So what's the difference between now or tomorrow. I just get frustrated when people are ignorant. And just because your parents raised you a certain way, doesn't mean you have to continue on that way of thinking. There are plenty my parents and I don't agree on even though from a very young age I was raised Catholic. I bet her parents didn't ever dream that they would see a day when there would be an African American president, but guess what? It happened! So get off your freaking high horse and quit thinking your way is the right and only way because some God told you so and move on. Move on with the rest of the world and stop being so damn ignorant. I'm sorry but snooty people make me angry and that's exactly what Miss Perfect is. Too snooty for anyone else's opinion but her own. And yea she lost the title because of that answer. You are representing America! There are two states, I believe, where gay marriage is legal now! You want to represent America and then go to those two states and say you don't support gay marriage because that's not how you were raised?! That's like someone running for president and saying they don't like Asians. AMERICA IS FULL OF ASIANS. It's full of blacks, it's full of whites, it's full of gays, it's full of hispanics, it's full of Native Americans. You CANNOT represent a country where you don't accept all people. If you don't support gay marriage, you shouldn't be on Miss America! DONE!


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