Monday, March 23, 2009

World Peace

If I had one wish for the world, it would not be world peace. I think that's too hard for us to comprehend. I would wish for us to just be considerate of each other. Don't take too long when ordering food. Have consideration for other drivers, don't drive stupid. Don't talk loudly on your cell phone in the library. Don't act like you are the only human being in the world. I think if we all started thinking about others before ourselves, we would all be happier people. I know I feel so much better when someone I don't know does something for me when I least expect it. It can't be that hard. I try to do it all the time but then I run into someone only thinking of themselves and it hurts. I think we could achieve world peace one day if we all put ourselves in others shoes sometimes and thought about how our actions might be affecting someone else. I include myself in this blog because I include the whole world in this blog. You, your mom, your sister, your co-worker, your neighbor, every person you see and don't see are included in this blog. But at least I can say I try. I try to think of others and how my actions might be affecting them. I don't write a check for one thing in line at the grocery store after the cashier finishes ringing up my stuff. I write my check as I'm standing in line so that all I have to do is put in the amount and hand the check over. If you're going to write a check, you have to know that you are going to be holding up the line. Make everyone a little bit happier about you writing your check and speed up the process. I don't take forever to order my food at a drive thru. I figure out what I want before I even get up to order. They have big menus all over the drive thru for a reason. This all may seem stupid and insignificant but tell me how many times you get aggravated by someone taking their sweet time when you are in a hurry. I agree we should all slow down but thats not the way of the world nowadays. So make life easier and be considerate. If you are in a parking lot of Target and you are walking to your car, don't walk in the middle of the street so that cars trying to get by have to drive 15 MPH behind you. You are not a car. . . move over! It's so simple yet no one does it. If you are running late meeting someone for something, call them and let them know! Don't leave them sitting for hours waiting for you while you are doing whatever you need to do. You made a commitment to meet them or what have you, follow through. Stop being late. It seems like a small thing and I keep saying that but it's true. All these things are little things we all could do to help the world. . . why do you think there are so many annoyed people, irritable, aggravated people. . . ? Someone did something to make them become irritated and rushed. If you are late for someone, they in turn, become late for someone else and around the circle goes. Until everyone is aggravated. Why do you think we have so much road rage. . . ? People are just not considerate when they drive. When someone needs to get over into my lane and they signal, I slow down and let them in. When someone needs to get over into my lane and they don't signal, I don't know they are trying to get over and I don't slow down which creates a dangerous situation. Why? Because I have to slam on my brakes, the person behind me has to slam on their brakes and so on. . . and there could be one person who isn't paying attention and doesn't see the person in front of them braking, therefore crashing into them. All because you didn't want to signal. It's just so simple. I promise if we all started being considerate of each other in every day situations, the world will begin to turn in a new direction. I just hope I'm still alive to see it all.

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