Friday, November 4, 2011

30 Day Challenge

So, everyday for 30 days I will have different topics to talk about and that gives me something to do since I am extremely behind in my fashion postings. For today the topic is Your current relationship and how it is, which is perfect because I love talking about the person I love.

My relationship status is happily taken. I met my boyfriend about 9 months ago and we've been dating for 6 months. We actually had a mutual connect through his older sister who I went to school with and was good friends with. I always knew she had a younger brother but never really met him until this year when I started working at a restaurant I had worked at years ago. He was a server and I was a hostess and at first we didn't really talk even though I thought he was hot and he apparently felt the same about me. I did not know he was my friends' brother until one night while we were working, his sister came into the restaurant and saw me and said hi and she said my brother works here too! So we were introduced then and there. That kind of broke the ice and we began talking more and one night I had gone to a hockey game and afterwards went up to the restaurant to have a couple of drinks and he was getting off work the same time. So he sat with me and we talked a bit then he asked me if I wanted to go to another bar and I said YES so off we went. And by the end of the night we were laughing and making And that rest is history. We have the same sense of humor, he ALWAYS makes me laugh and though I'm 3 years older than him, we have alot in common. So, that's our story. I always love hearing about how people met and our story is pretty cool! I can't wait to see what our future holds. <3

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