Thursday, November 12, 2009

The best makeup on a woman is passion.

So, I'm a bit obsessed with French style, fashion, culture, history. . . well just about everything! Except the men. I like mine British. :) I've always been fascinated by the way French women look so effortlessly beautiful. It's just the way they are, they don't try too hard or make a fuss over beauty and style. They just do what they feel and it doesn't hurt that they are naturally gorgeous anyways.

So I've been doing a little research and came to a couple of revelations:

1. Less is more. We hear it all the time and for the everyday, normal this is true. Sometimes you wanna get all gussied up and go over the top and that's fne too. But for a workday to evening date, keep it simple. French women use the minimal amount of makeup; mascara, eyeliner OR eyeshadow (never both), a little blush and just enough lip color to get that "lip bitten" pout. Same goes with jewelry. They love love love pearls and who doesn't? They are elegant, sexy and chic. So invest in a strand or two. The longer strand the better.

2. Never sacrifice comfort for style. If you don't feel comfortable in it, don't wear it. Heels as well as flats must be comfortable. They take care of their feet so heels that are too small or squeeze are not for them. Invest in pads and cushions if you buy heels that are not so comfortable. Also, don't try to squeeze into a size too small. You should never feel uncomfortable or insecure because that's not the French way. The more comfortable you are, they more confident you are. But this doesn't mean the French wear jeans and tees or sweats all day everyday. They love dresses and flats and simple, elegant pieces. These will make you feel more comfortable.

3. That leads me to this point, invest in the basics. Black anything is the French woman's go to color. It slims, lengthens and hides everything. They love simple pieces in neutral colors and then pair them with a unique belt, bright shoes or interesting piece of jewelry. So, go for the white tee, black blazer or beige camisole and find fun accessories to pair it with. You will find that your wardrobe will have a longer life if you invest in basics that are in style every season.

4. I heard that there is a small town in south France that has about 7,000+ people but has 15 beauty shops, 8 spas and 4 lingerie shops. This gives you an idea about what French women value. Although, they like to look effortlessly chic, they do so at a price. They are very discreet about their beauty rituals. Admitting you color your hair? No no. It's taboo but it's the French way. They love spas, massages, ma nicures, pedicures, the works. They are women after all and even though they want men to think they are naturally beautiful, its fun to do those girly things to take care of themselves. They have tons of secrets and they try everything! If it claims it gets rid of wrinkles, they will try it. If it claims to get rid of cellulite, they buy it. I have yet to collect any of these secrets but I'm working on it.

5. Which brings me to my last point. Confidence. All the points I made above come down to this one thing. Confidence is the sexiest thing a woman can excude. You can be wearing the most revealing outfit but if you look insecure and uncomfortable, you will not exude sexiness. So, starting with the first point of less is more. Who feels comfortable with a face full of makeup that will look like you are melting if you're caught in the rain. Or point number two, don't wear the too high heels if you can't walk in them. Or number three, wear the basics. Leave the OF THE MOMENT trends to younger women. Men will be able to tell the difference. Or the fourth, take care of yourself. You know how you feel when you get your haircut and it's completely styled and looks amazing? That feeling is confidence. Feeling good on the outside is part of feeling good on the inside.

Well, those were just a few things I came across and decided I would implement into my daily routines. It doesn't hurt to try and you could possibly learn something new about yourself in the process. XX

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