Saturday, July 18, 2009

Lover in England Day 5: Trends 2010 part DEUX

Metallics. Not to be confused with high shine. Metallics is strictly the colors. Copper, Metal, Silver, Gold, etc. Just be careful not to get too carried away with them. If you've got a gold dress, go minimal on the gold jewelry. The most metallic I will probably try this season is in a shoe or a purse.
Maxi dresses!! I have one maxi dress that actually fits me length-wise. All you short girls have to be careful when getting a maxi dress. Wearing a heel with it doesn't hurt because most likely the maxi is so long you won't see the shoes. Opt for either a solid color maxi and dress it up with accessories or a floral print like above. The busier the maxi the worse. You don't want too much going on because its alot of fabric.

Lilac. I know the middle dress doesn't have lilac in it but bear with me. Lilac is the new pink. It's soft, goes with most colors and very pretty in a dress.

The Jumpsuit. Can't wait to find one! Jumpsuits are great because it's one outfit in one garment. No pants to take off, no shirt to worry about, it's all there in one fabulous piece. I've noticed alot of silk jumpsuits or a similar material that just kinda drapes on your body with amazing heels. Heels are what make this seasons jumpsuit not your old average J-Lo jumpsuits. This trend might not last very long but while they are hot, they are hot.

Holey knits. Holey tops actually. Holey tops with a bandeau underneath and a pair of short shorts are hot this season. And for Winter, its going to be holey sweaters.

Full skirts! Think almost ballerina-like. These skirts are meant to be worn high on the waist. Gives the illusion of long legs. I have a few of these already and I absolutely adore them. So fun and so girly yet very high fashion.

High-wasited. EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING this season is about the high waist. We've already seen it last season and it's here to stay. My lover doesn't really like when I wear high-waisted skirts but the other day I wore them and he called me a "hipster". So the boys may not like them but they will learn to.

High shine! Very fashion forward but should only be worn at night, going out to a club/bar/etc. High shine can be toned down but it's only done right by professionals. . .

Head wraps. YAY! I swear when I get older I will have a fabulous collection of head wraps and I will wear them all the time along with a fabulous muu muu. :) Won't my husband just love that? I think head wraps are a great idea! You can put one on when you need to run some errands but don't feel like doing your hair. Just make sure the outfit works with it because you don't wanna be running around with a fabulous head wrap on and sweat pants. . . .

Gathered skirts. I saw a couple of these as well at Target today. These too are to be work high on the waist because if they sit on the hips, it will make your hips look bigger than they are. The object of the skirt is to draw attention to the gathering not to the hips.

Gray. The color gray. So somber, so gloomy yet add a hot heel and a fabulous belt and gray is the best color next to black. It's very chic and very versatile.

Fun prints. Think crazy prints but in a flattering color scheme. Don't get a dress with print and then all the colors of the rainbow on it. Make sure the colors flow and make sure the prints aren't going to look too busy.

Ethnic Prints. Very fun and very sophisticated looking to me. Looks as if you've travelled the world once or twice and picked up a fabulous dress or skirt from Africa. The colors on these prints have to depend on where the print looks like its from. You can't mix an Indian print with African colors or vice versa. Needs to stay true and be original.

Drawstrings. I'm not too fond of this trend but maybe a dress with drawstrings at the waist might work. Not too sure yet and I haven't really seen any drawstrings out. . . We shall see.

Draping. I was just in Target today and saw a skirt that was draped at the hips. Very casual but still chic and very comfortable. Just make sure you find the right draping for your body.


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