Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Day 2 Lover in England: My July shoes are here!

SOoooooo, I've been telling everyone I know about SHOEDAZZLE.COM! This site was created by Kim Kardashian. She always has pretty fabulous style so when I heard she had a shoe site, I did not hesitate.

Alright, so the jist of this site is that it's a membership. Kinda like the swapping of the purses site where you pay a monthly fee and every month you get a new purse and then send it back for your next purse. Pretty cool. Ok, so on this site you pay a monthly membership of $39 ONLY if you choose a pair of shoes to purchase.

So, when you sign up, they make you take a short quiz on your likes and dislikes. From that quiz, a team of 5 stylists choose 5 shoes for you for the month. They send you the 5 shoes via email and you choose which one you like. If you choose one, your bank account will be debited $39. If you don't choose any, you can choose the option "Send me more shoes" and the stylists will send you 5 more shoes to choose from. If you don't like those or you simply can't afford to buy a pair of shoes for the month, you can simply go onto your ShoeDazzle account and select the option "Skip month", which means for the month they will not send you any shoes AND they will not charge your account. Also, if you get your shoes and they don't fit or you don't like them, its FREE exchange or return minus the re-stocking fee. I think it's a fabulous idea, kinda like you have your own stylist! So, below are the shoes I was given.

The Sultana

The Karisma

The Henna

The Capri

The Darya
The shoe brands are either Michael Antonio (whose prices range from $35 to $70) or "some high quality brand" as it states on the website. Not sure what that means but I am excited to find out.
I am very much into the studs for the season, very rocker chic and I'm glad they are back in fashion but the sexy heel always gets me because I'm short and heels are my best friend. So, this is an experiment and I will be providing feedback on the pros and cons of this site although I don't think there will be any cons. . . :)
Check it out for yourself and let me know what you think as well.
Ciao! Xx


  1. EEEEEEeeeeeeeee!!!! They are SO cute! Dang it....will sign up when my check clears tomorrow or Friday. I'll post what mine look like! Have fun picking! I love them ALL! I like the Karisma the best...I think. :) What a great deal!

  2. This is awesome, I just signed up and can't wait to get my email!

    I also love the Karisma for you. Yay shoes.


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