Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Lover in England Day 1

Ok well, lover has been gone really for 4 days but the first 4 he was still in the U.S. Now he is officially in England. . . . & I miss him terribly. Anyways, going to try to post a blog everyday he is gone. . . or every other day. . . or everyday that I can. :) I'm at my parents house for the week because my brother is also out of town for a week . . . off to Panama! Without me. So, because I'm a scaredy cat and so is my mom, she is letting me stay here for the week so I'm not in an apartment all alone. Makes sense plus I miss home. Always will. I miss home cooked meals, I miss big familiar house & TV! Haha, I especially miss TV. Ok anyways, I'm home and probably will be all week so more blogs to come. For now, here are some pictures. BTW can someone give me $600 to buy a L.A.M.B handbag.

P.s. I signed up for Shoedazzle.com, the Kim Kardashian shoe membership program and I think it has potential. We will see and I will update and post feedback on what it's like. Check it out if you haven't. Shoedazzle.com: Only for the Shoe-Wuvers at heart!

My Daily Fashion Muse: Miss Karla

My Fashion Lover: Niclole


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