Thursday, July 16, 2009

Day 3 Lover in England: 2010 trends Part Uno

Well, I have been browsing the various fashion collections for 2010 and I'm so excited! I found a trend in alot of the collections that were similar to each other so I know that it will be a trend that will make it to us average people. So below I have a list of the trends for 2010.
Denim! Yay the 90's are back! Haha, denim denim denim. Denim vests, denim skirts, denim shirts. It's all the rage for the coming season.

Deep V necks. They are showing up more for men in shirts but also for women in dresses. I am always torn between a deep V neck and a low cut dress because I have a small chest and a deep V neck on me makes me look like a small boy. . . but at the same time large chested women cannot wear deep V necks without coming off as sleazy. We shall see if I can find a deep V neck that will actually work for me.

Cut outs. Very excited to try this out. Cut outs are very 80's but now they have a modern twist to them so they are very fun.

Coral colors. I love love love coral colors. These corals are a bit pale but I've seen other collections with real punchy corals and thats another big trend this season: COLOR!

Color block. To me, I'm not interested but they look good on certain people. Everytime I go out and find a color block frock, it seems too 60's but who knows . . . I'll always keep looking.

Burnt orange! Yea sounds groddy but actually looks pretty cool especially in a skirt! I might try this one but not sure the color is mine.

Bows! I love it! Makes me feel like a real girl. These bows are awesome because they are not too much and seem to go with the flow of the outfit.

Bold skirts. Skirts are always fun and when you can choose your own bold print it says something about your personality. I'm excited.

Bold lace! Seeing a theme here? Bold bold bold! Everything. Don't be scared, just try it out and if its not for you, so be it. Bold lace is awesome because when I think of lace, I think of old ladies. But BOLD lace makes lace modern and much more fun.

Black & white. . . along with stripes (which is recurring theme in alot of collections too). Black and white is classic, simple but you can spice it up with some color, like these awesome red shoes.

Ok, can't really see well in this picture but this is the "bird print" trend. Small birds, feather prints, etc. it's in! And I'm happy because I love birdies!

The "beading" trend. A lil beading, alot of beading, medium beading, it's all in. Especially for the Winter when you can wear thick fabric that can support extensive beading.

"Art on clothes" What a genius idea! I know I've seen a piece of art and thought "that would look awesome as a dress". So this trend is gonna be pretty big. . . might not last long but it'll be exciting.

All black. Definitely for the Winter season but I'm all about it! Most of my clothes are black because it's so classic and simple but strong. This is going to be a great look this season.

More to come tomorrow! Nite nite ladies! Xx

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