Monday, March 2, 2009


Don't really have the words right now but here are some pictures I have that inspire me and keep me going. I have TONS of pictures of just things I like or things I find beautiful and whenever I'm in a funk or just bored, I'll look at them. I probably have over 5,000 on Photobucket and wish there was some way of getting them printed and into a photo album or frames or something. I'm not sure where all these pictures came from but just so you know, they aren't mine so I'm not taking credit for any of them. Anyways, enjoy and disclaimer - there is nudity. :)

Nataline Portman. . . don't really need to say anything else.

The Olsen girls. Would love to be their friend.

Beautiful things.

These pictures are just breath-taking, not sure who the artist is though.

Movie scenes that I can't get enough of.

Naked women. Yea, they inspire me. I think a woman's body is the most beautiful thing in the world. Which may be why I like mine so much, haha.


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