Sunday, December 11, 2011

Day 6 of 30 day challenge!

Lol, I'm not doing very good with this 30 day challenge thing. It's taking me like 60 days. Oh well, I'm usually doing something or just not in the mood to write. Anyways, I need to clear my mind today. So, today's topic is 30 interesting facts about yourself. Here we go:

1. I graduated at age 17, not because I was smart but because I started school in Germany when I was 3 or 4. So, I was always a year younger than my classmates. Plus, my birthday is at the end of the year.

2. I'm very creative but just can't seem to get all the ideas I have out and complete them the way they appear in my head. So I usually don't do much about it.

3. I was once in an all girl band with my cousins. We never did anything professionally  but we did perform for our families every holiday. We would have dance routines and a variety of songs to perform.

4. I have a book full of songs/poems I wrote when I was a teenager. I wanted to be a songwriter but knew nothing about different instruments and the notes.

5. My favorite book is The diary of Anne Frank. I'm fascinated and appalled at the same time about the Holocaust and can't get enough about it even though it always makes me cry to read about it.

6. I desperately wish I was an athlete of some sport, especially soccer.

7. When playing the Spice Girls growing up with my cousins, I was always Posh Spice. Still secretly am. :)

8. My phone is always attached to my hand or is always in the vicinity.

9. I get anxious easily. About anything.

10. I wish I could draw realistically. I tend to draw abstractly because I'm so bad at drawing realistically.

11. I used to make alot of my own accessories and clothing when I was younger because I wasn't making my own money. I would make purses or tops out of other things I had around my room.

12. I used to wear shorts under my pants to make me look more curvy. I hated being skinny when I was younger.

13. I also used to want a nose job and a boob job when I was a teenager. I'm glad I didn't do either because I love my nose, it's like my mom's and grandfathers'. And my boobs fit me just fine.

14. I am much better at expressing myself through writing and most people nowadays don't read so I get alot of misunderstandings.

15. I have the same birthday as my boyfriend, Brad Pitt and Christina Aguilera.

16. I was very punk rock my freshman year of college.

17. I've had half my head shaved a year ago.

18. If I was able to choose my religion when I was younger, I would have chosen to be a Buddhist.

19. I am fascinated by history. I always believe I was born in the wrong era.

20. I cannot stand the sight of blood or gory violence. I once got sick at my teacher explaining a C section.

21. I wanted to be a Cosmetologist in highschool.

22. I've had a job since I was 15.

23. My dream job would be to be a fashion editor, a stylist and/or a couture designer.

24. I am super lazy. LOL

25. Laughing is seriously my favorite thing to do.

26. I believe in "if you don't use it, you lose it." I lost my rhythm. I used to dance in high school and now I can't move my hips to save my life.

27. I love flying in airplanes. I get a bit nervous flying but not bad enough to make me not want to fly.

28. I used to try to write stories. Love stories to be exact. I have a few journals with stories about love in Italy or Spain.

29. I cannot listen to music in the mornings. I have to listen to NPR or some talk radio. Music in the morning annoys me, even stuff I generally like.

30. I can't believe I found 30 things about me that I think are interesting. LOL


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