Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Fall 2011 trends, Part 1

This is a quick round up of what some of the fashion blogs and magazines are listing as the top trends for this Fall which is not too far away, it’s September already for Christ’s sake! So, below is a list of some of the trends I think are wearable for the normal girl/woman.

1. Plaid blazers: Last year it was just blazers, now it’s plaid blazers! We will be seeing more plaid this Fall in other articles of clothing.

2. Vests: Same as blazers, plaid plaid and more plaid!

3. Mustard: In terms of colors, mustard goes perfect with jewel tones and it perfect for the Fall since it can be seen in nature in the Fall.

4. Polka Dots: Make it modern. Don’t do a polka dot dress, pick just a skirt with a modern cut or a blouse and pair it with skinny jeans.

5. Rust: Same as mustard, in terms of color, rust can be found in nature and is therefore perfect for Fall.

6. Camo-inspired: This does not mean full head to toe camo, inspired means camo design with a modern twist. The colors in camo are found in nature as well, the greens, beiges and browns.

7. Maxi skirts: For the summer it was maxi dresses, now its maxi skirts. Pair them with a cozy sweater and some ankle boots and you’re set!

8. Chunky sweaters: The chunkier the better! Cozy and in organic colors.

9. Touch of lace: Last year it was full lace, this year it’s just a touch here and there. Less is more.

10. Jade: This color paired with mustard or rust is amazing. As with all the colors this season, nature is your biggest inspiration.

11. Bright pants: My favorite! Bright pants are the new neutral. Pair them with jewel tones or just plain neutral pieces. Make the pants the center of your outfit.

12. Cape/poncho: This is a repeat from last Fall. The cape/poncho jacket stuck around for a year and is back again so you might be able to find some at resale stores or thrift shops.

13. Leather skirt: I am so glad I did not get rid of my leather skirts! They are back! And with slits!

his is what I gathered and I hope it helps. I can tell you it helped me, I’m ready for the cold weather! Enough with the 100+ days. ENJOI!

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