Tuesday, June 1, 2010

So much to do, so little time

So two weeks yet! I'm so excited. Going to England for the first time and then seeing the boyfriend for the first time since January. SIGH! I'm more than ready. I've been ready actually since he left in January. Time flies, not fast enough but it does fly. I can't believe we have two weeks and I probably won't be able to sleep the last week. So lately, I've been trying to get our apartment together. We need more furniture and more decorating. But when you have such a low budget, it's especially hard. I've gotten tons of ideas though from blogs like Happy Cavalier and Design Sponge. As well, I'm trying to fit as many blogs as I can in before my trip. Well, this one is done so I think it's off to bed or actually off to finish this Audrey Tautou movie because it's starting to get good! CHEERS!


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