Monday, February 28, 2011

It's been too long.

Successfully navigating your home in the dark.

Unpacking the last box.

Staring into a fire.

When you’re sleeping and the sounds around you turn into your dreams.

Finding out what song is in that commercial.

Watching bartenders work really fast.

Laughing at a stranger with another stranger.

When you hit something with your car and there’s somehow no damage.

The smell of a library.

When someone already highlighted your text book,

The day the cafeteria serves the best food they have.

The meal you eat after a cold.

Lazing on the couch after a big holiday feast.

When the wrapping paper pattern lines up perfectly when you go to tape it.

Wearing your boyfriends’ sweatshirt.

Finally cleaning your disgustingly filthy windshield.

All the food that comes from a pig.

Seeing old people hold hands.

Haven’t been writing on here lately. Well, two jobs and school will do that to you. Oh yea and no working internet at your apartment…thanks Verizon. Well, now that I have a chance to breathe, I think I can squeeze in a few things to say.

Number one, where has the time gone? March 2011 already? Time does fly. And summer is just around the corner! If you haven’t already seen my trend report for Spring/Summer 2011, get to it!

Number two, I have been reading a few books lately and by few I mean like 6 in the past two months…it used to take me months to get through one book, let alone 6! Well, as suggested by a friend, I should do a few book reviews. So, here we go:

1. Conversations with God Books 1 & 2: Amazing book for everyone. It’s not as religious as it sounds. The first book is an introduction book. Explaining how the books will be laid out. It’s still amazing and opens your eyes to the world around you. Like I said you don’t have to be religious to read these books. Just have to have faith. The second book deals with society. Our place in it and our relationships to people around us. I give both books two thumbs up because they weren’t what I was expecting at all but they helped me nonetheless.

2. Gunn’s Golden Rules: Life’s Little Lessons for making it Work: SO FUNNY! Yet so inspiring and true. Tim Gunn has a lot of wisdom up his sleeve and this book shows what he really knows. It’s as if he is talking directly to you but not in a know it all way. So cute and just a must read if not for anything but Tim’s funny stories.

3. The Bell Jar: Incredible. Dark, funny and interesting all at the same time. Written by Sylvia Plath as one of her first and only (I think) novels. Loosely based on her life, which was interesting enough.

4. Daughter of Fortune: Great book! Great story! And in the Oprah Book Club. It’s a period novel, set in the 1800’s and written in amazing detail! So vivid and beautifully written, you easily visualize everything down to the dirt on the ground.

5. Style A to Zoe: Written by the great Rachel Zoe, it’s an introduction book to style. Anyone and everyone who has wanted to get a few tips on style or who needs a style overhaul, should pick up this book. Great pictures, amazing stories and awesome tips on everything fashion and glamour. Plus, it’s written by on e of the most successful and talented stylist in the world, so you know it’s all good advice.

6. Neon Angel: A Memoir of a Runaway: An autobiography of the Cherry Bomb herself, Cherie Curie of the Runaways, absolutely amazing and heart wrenching book! This girl has been through things I never could have imagined. All before she was 21! This sad but true story of the life of Cherie Currie and her friendship with Joan Jett, The Runaways, her family, drug abuse and her life after it all, is a great read. Keeps you on the edge of your seat, you won’t want to put it down except maybe to get out the tissues.

So there you have it. I forgot how therapeutic writing can be. Enjoy!


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