Saturday, May 15, 2010

2010 Fashion - get em while they're haute!

Ok, I apologize for the lack of pictures in this post, for some reason they aren't uploading. Anyways, wanted to list a couple of must haves for the summer ladies. I've been scouring the fashion websites and spending hours watching slide show after slide show of the Spring/Summer/Resort collections from all the hottest designers (Not complaining, if that could be my job I would be in heaven) to bring to us non-celeb women who want to look like we know what we are talking about, a lil help. So, get to your nearest Target, Forever 21, vintage shop, favorite shoe store or nearest mall and grab a few of these things.

Ok, so from what I've seen:

1. DENIM! is back! Everything denim. Pants, skirts, jackets, shirts , dresses and shorts. I've even seen mismatched denim pieces in one outfit. What fun! No more matching two denim pieces perfectly, this season its all about having fun and getting pieces of denim that are clean. No dirty denim please.

2. Crochet. Nooooo, not your moms doilies! Crochet tops and dresses are so hot right now. Perfect for summer and days spent by the pool or on the beach. Very chic and very comfortable. You don't have to find pieces that are completely crocheted, for those brave fashionistas out there go for the whole crocheted dress, but there are pieces out there with just a hint of crochet that can be a little more conservative but still stylish.

3. Bows. Thank you Lady Gaga, bows are such a huge hit this Spring and will probably carry on to the Fall. Bows are perfect to finish off a great outfit. Just make sure the outfit is fun and not too serious or the bow will just look silly. So HAVE FUN with bows! They are perfect for a great night out!

4. Clogs. They aren't for the Swedish anymore. Clogs are EVERYWHERE this Spring Summer and Fall. Clogs with print on them, wooden heel clogs, wedge clogs, studded clogs or pastel clogs. Any kind is so spot on for the year's fashion, you will kick yourself if you don't get a pair. They are perfect for dresses, shorts, skirts or dresses. Even pair them with your denim for a stylish casual look. Just find a comfortable pair because nothing looks worse than being uncomfortable.

5. Jumpsuits. Playsuits. Jumpers. Whatever you call it, its the same thing and it's the hottest thing. Long pant jumpsuits, short jumpsuits, long sleeved jumpsuits, strapless jumpsuits; its all gravy baby. A denim jumper is even hotter right now. So, go find what style works for you. I'm petite and short so a short strapless jumpsuit suits me best but if you are tall, go for the long pant strapless jumpsuit with some wooden clogs, so chic!

Ok ladies, I will be back later with more and hopefully pictures as well. :) Hope this helps and remember fashion is a fantasy world where you can dress up as whoever you want to just as long as you're confident! So have fun with it. Kisses!


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  1. loved reading this. i'm a sucker for jumpsuits at the moment too :D
    loving the blog!
    great posts
    stop by some time xx
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