Sunday, January 17, 2010

I'm on fire. A fire starter.

Well, thought I'd explain this one: This is one of my first projects of the year. A cute little camisole sleeper. Got the fabric from Fabrique Fabrics at $20 a yard (EEEK) but totally worth it. This fabric literally melts in my hand and I can't wait to feel it on my skin as I sleep. Probably the most comforable thing I've slept in, I'm sure. Anyways, these are the beginnings of the project. Got the bra cups made so far and now lining them with lingerie elastic. I tried to finish the whole thing last night but sewing silky fabric is sooo tiresome plus I wasn't feeling too well so I turned on KERA and watched a documentary about the intelligence of Chimpanzee's (incredibly interesting). Well, I will continue to post updates and then hopefully the finished product soon, school starts Tuesday and I have class every night MTWR so my goal is before I go to England in June. :) Got alot of projects for clothes to take with me to England. I want to look original and classic when I go so I've got a couple of classic sewing patterns for things like Shirt Dresses and the famous DVF wrap dresses wannabe. So stay tuned!


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